Below are some principles to guide your interview responses regardless of the specific questions asked:

Qualify: Ask questions that help to define or clarify the question being asked (i.e. "Are you more interested in how I designed the system, or in how I applied the methodology?").

Clarify: After answering a question, check the interviewer's reaction. If they appear satisfied, pause and allow them to comment. If they appear unsatisfied, ask if you have answered the question to their satisfaction.

Specify: Describe the duties you did in your last job that directly relate to the position/assignment for which you are applying. Do not lie: Employers check references and there are no guarantees as to what a former coworker will say. If a lie is uncovered the company may have grounds for immediate dismissal.

Body Language: In addition to your verbal responses, an Interviewer evaluates your body language in conjunction with your verbal responses. Research suggests that as much as 70% of all face to face communication happen non-verbally. Extend a firm handshake upon arriving and departing to potential employers and clients. Make eye contact with people when they speak to you and as well as when you are talking. Smile and relax your body, especially your head and hands; avoid fidgeting and crossing your arms, pay attention to the rate at which you breath. Lean slightly forward, your body language will demonstrate an interest in the conversation. Nod affirmatively to show attention, agreement, and to encourage the interviewer to continue talking.


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